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For Shodoshima original relaxation

Celeste Shodoshima met OPEN in Tonoshochou, Shodoshima in July, 2011.
I felt that I wanted a customer to thoroughly enjoy the splendid scenery which Shodoshima originally had in a meaning called "the blue sky" in Italian and named it Celeste Shodoshima.
There was very little number of the rooms with six rooms, but should have been six rooms-limited a day to have "healing" and "the relaxation" that there was not feel other than Shodoshima which you could touch it with a customer more and could be pleased with.
I make an effort every day to have you enjoy all the semi-Western style dishes which made an elaborate plans depending on a season with eyes and a tongue let alone dishes using the material of the local production for local consumption to dishes. In addition, I think that it is sure to get that you can also enjoy the meal while you expect the scenery of the superb view.
I carry out "the attention" and "consideration" thoroughly even if I get up on a service side and add pressure for staff education to be able to stay more comfortably, but would appreciate the words of the ticking off without reserve if there are points not to reach.
Finally is the theme "that nothing does" "not to get impatient" "not to hurry" not a trip of original Shodoshima?
Our hotel will advance every day to want to stay again, and to be able to say this to a customer.
I look forward to a day meeting many customers alone.
Celeste Shodoshima
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