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Hotel summary

The hotel name
Celeste Shodoshima

Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Kashima former 1462
Telephone, FAX
A telephone: 0879-62-5015
FAX: 0879-62-5017
info@celesteshodoshima .com
The number of the guest rooms
Six rooms
 10-tatami Japanese-style room---with toilet (two rooms)
 6-tatami Japanese-style room----W Bet with toilet (one room)
 10-tatami Japanese-style room---with bath and toilet (one room)
 8-tatami Japanese-style room----W Bet with bath and toilet (one room)
 HANARE (maisonette) 80m2----with bath and toilet belonging to B, T
Meal place
At a restaurant
The hall
I establish the art galleries
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