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Guidance in Shodoshima Onsen, the hall

Guidance of facilities in the Kashima-so building

Shodoshima Onsen / beach side hotel Kashima-so

Outdoor bath "hot water of the beautiful woman"

  • Natural hot spring, alkaline simple spring
  • Neuralgia rheumatism, convalescent recovery stress-relieving, arthralgia, muscular pain, bruise, poor circulation

Outdoor bath "Daishi-no-Yu"

Large communal bath hot spring

  • 150 yen is needed as bath tax.


After a meal and bathing, please spend time in a friend and families relaxedly.

Banquet room

A wedding ceremony and a year-end party, a new annual convention are a fellow thinker or relatives, and please spend private time.

Large hall

Enough area of 204 tatami is prepared to meet any request of the customer.

Banquet venue

I prepare perfect facilities to be able to be pleased with the good day of two people heartily.

Coffee lounge

Please enjoy coffee which a fragrance is rich in while talking about the memory of the trip in a coffee lounge to insert of the calm sunlight in Seto.


If it is special products of Shodoshima such as Shodoshima somen, Shodoshima soy sauce, it keeps anything. Of the souvenir to an important person want it, and please use it.

Game corner

You can enjoy crane games.
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