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Shodoshima Onsen

※Only the second-floor large communal bath becomes Shodoshima Onsen.

I soak myself in hot water and dress stylishly by the washing of the heart

The beautiful scenic spot that nature healed heart and soul plays…Shodoshima.
The luxurious time travel that leaves the body at the bathtub relaxedly, and can monopolize islands of Seto….
He/she gives me the outdoor bath which relaxes while being keenly aware of a season for the wave abusive osotto talk of the half-forgotten time.

Introduction (a big image is seen when I have you click it) of the hot spring

Outdoor bath "hot water of the view"
Outdoor bath "hot water of the cutwater"
Circular fine-view hot spring large communal bath
Fine-view hot spring large communal bath
Room with open-air bath
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