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Guidance in the hall

Banquet room

I will have an island of the taste

The edible wild plant to attach fresh ground fish this and that and seasonal Aya unloaded first thing in the morning around Setouchi to is nature itself.
It is warm and, in simple taste, fully entertains a traveler with seasonal ingredients heartily…. You forget time, and, at the seat of the party resting without a reservation, please enjoy it relaxedly.

Introduction of the menu

Sanuki beef shabu-shabu
Sea bream shabu-shabu in Seto
Abalone banquet dishes

The fishing is possible from barbecue holding, a garden in the summer, too

An encounter, time when I talk and am wonderful. I direct each cozy scene freewheelingly.
Please enjoy an evening for satisfaction on one class between a family, friends now in time just as wanted.

Guidance of the facilities in the hall

Large hall (100 tatami)
Isobe teahouse
Coffee corner
Karaoke room
Game corner
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