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Neighboring Shodoshima sightseeing information

Play with nature;, too, and the history of taking a walk, too

The sea of warm climate and calm Seto. The nature town which is full of green.
The beautiful expression that I left the feature of the good old times for comes slowly more than time. You are spread in the daily livings, and please find the oldness of the half-forgotten heart.

Guidance of sightseeing in Shodoshima

The spring fresh green, one vividness of summer heki, color, the autumn of colored leaves. The view from the ropeway going the deep valley recalls the impression of coming people. The scenic spot where the expression of the four seasons full of changes was named by the Japan's three biggest valley beauty.
Road station Shodoshima olive park
The experience-based spot where the park on the small hill lets you feel the romantic Mediterranean Sea where there is the fragrance of the olive to be. In a memorial, the information of the olive is varied.
Country of the Choshi Valley monkey
The natural zoo which the wild monkey of the friendly amiability thing welcomes. In addition, I can enjoy a tossup in hope of good luck in the spring of the love.
Angel road
The mysterious spot that the ebb and flow kide island of the tide is connected and leaves. In fact, it is a matchmaking spot to the people in the know. The tide dried; when was, is said to be it when a wish comes true when close a hand in the middle.
Group of the peace
Native district writer, "24 eyes" of Sakae Tsuboi are the master and pupil love stories of a teacher and children. To a figure in bronze, peace and a wish of the happiness are put.
The Shodoshima Hosai Ozaki Memorial
The ground where is related to hokana which restored the figure of the west light temple Okuno-in Temple Nango hermitage which *jinhokana of the free verse spent in Shodoshima as former times.
24 eyes movie village
The undying open-air set for the location of the masterpiece early period of Showa that I filmized "24 eyes" again is stored and brings a cameo reminding of the young time to life.
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